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The Vanderhall

Orlando, FL

$140 / day

The Most Fun You’ll Have on Three Wheels! Once out on the open roads you will simply fall in love. Acceleration? When you ask it to go, it goes. The side-mounted exhaust pipes deliver all the noise and fury of a vintage race car, but the acceleration is modern-day quick. If you like to drive an open roadster the Vanderhall's zero-to-60-mph time of 4.5 seconds just feels right and never feels like it's going as fast as its speedo says. For those prone to speeding tickets, you have been warned. The Vanderhall is super simple to operate with a modern fuel-injected powertrain and automatic transmission. And you gotta love that it's built in the U.S. of A. Pre-book now! AVAILABLE IN THE ORLANDO, FL. AREA.

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