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Bentley Bentayga

New Jersey

$ 1,795 / day

n search of the perfect luxury rental vehicle, but uncertain if you need a sedan or an SUV rental? The Bentley Bentayga rental is your solution, as it is essentially both styles in one luxury rental vehicle! It maintains a subtle nod toward its Bentley sedan predecessors, while adopting the shape and size of a luxury SUV rental, an amazing display of versatility

The Benley Bentayga rental provides increased interior space, but is still more diminutive than an Escalade rental. This makes it great for all occasions, including family vacations or business trips. The Bentayga rental is a midsize SUV crossover offered by Imagine Lifestyles in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Miami, and New York.

The Bentley Bentayga rental features a 600 horsepower W12 engine placing it among the fastest luxury SUV rentals available!

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